10 Nov 2021

Totally Awesome...

The Ron Jeffery Realty Team are totally awesome.

They have successfully property managed my 60 acre Belli Park farm for years now.  This would not have seemed possible, but they somehow managed it ….and all while I was living a totally separate life in NZ.

The 3 separate dwellings on the property where all maintained and rented out by them without me having to ever worry about a thing.  They always took care of totally everything on my behalf.   This included organising any necessary repairs, maintenance, all routine inspections and most importantly a very detailed monthly rental statement which was always emailed to me.

Any bigger expenses were always cleared with me first by either email or phone and any more expensive things eg a new water tank, house re-wiring etc were always predicted by them ahead of time and spaced out nicely so that I had a very predictable monthly income.

The team also organised for the neighbour’s cattle to graze the property which kept it tidy and decreased the fire risk.

The team has a great relationship with the long term tenants and were easily able to accommodate any of the tenants more special requirements which included some farm animals, a small timber mill, and some separate areas for some of their other separate business interests which included making log cabins.

The team then proceeded to sell my property very quickly for a price I simply couldn’t resist.  Because they sold it so quickly I have now been able to buy my new dream house in NZ without any any delays.  The team have now also helped organise to have all my things shipped back to NZ in two shipping containers by coordinating directly with a removal company.  This was a massive undertaking by them which I will forever more be most grateful for.

I would therefore recommend using RJR.


Simon - Belli Park